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Group RDS : 3 version A
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The group 3A is used to transmit the identification of the applications for free usage (ODA) as well as the groups used for these applications


Type of the group application:

These data allow to indicate to the receiver the used groups for application of free usage.

The bits b4 to b1 indicates N ° of group and the bit b0 indicate the version of the group. The Application IDentification (AID) allows then the receiver to associate the handler application software achieving the processing associated to the reception of the type of specified group.


b3 b2 b1

group version A/B

The value "00000" is a special meaning : Not carried in associated group.

The value "11111"is a special meaning: Temporary data fault (Encoder status).

The message is used to transmit a word of 16 bits towards the current function of ODA usage.

Application IDentification (AID) allows to determine the function used for the corresponding groups.


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